CloudForce HR offers comprehensive payroll and HR administration services, such as:

  • Payroll and HR administration outsourcing services
  • HR staff contracting
  • Cloud-based HR Management System (HRIS SaaS)
We conduct business in a multilingual environment, and have multilingual staff able to service all clients.
While CloudForce HR is located in central Bangkok, we offer our services to businesses throughout Thailand and Asia-Pacific.
Our staff are available during the regular business hours of 8:30AM-5:30PM, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). For urgent matters, CloudForce HR provides clients with an emergency contact number available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We take pride in providing the highest level of service to all our clients, regardless of size. Our client base ranges from small companies to multinationals.
“Online payslips” are kept on the server for a 60 day period, after which they are available upon request.

Customization and Features

Yes, all parts of our HRIS are available in both English and Thai.
Yes, our systems are designed so they can be managed remotely, allowing you to stay on top of business, no matter where you are.
Yes, the flexibility of our system allows clients to customize pay cycles, commission payments, incentive plans and more.
Yes, our service includes calculations and payments to applicable taxation departments and funds. We also handle a range of other deductions, including loan repayments, with detailed reports made available to the client.
Yes, we are able to provide calculations for both Thai and foreign taxation and compensation protocols.
Yes, our system is able to transfer funds to all banks throughout Thailand.
No, we are able to facilitate all types of international funds transfers.
Yes. Our E-Claims module allows staff to make claims remotely, and simplifies the approval and payment process for management.
Yes, CloudForce HR has in-house developers dedicated to creating tailored solution to fit individual client’s needs.


Data confidentiality and security is a priority for us. Our security system AWS is a durable platform with industry-recognized certification and audits, such as PCI DSS Level 1 and ISO 27001.

Data transfer is protected by File Transfer Protocol Data encryption and password protected files.

No hardware or software purchases are necessary. Our systems are designed for a Windows OS, with Internet Explorer 5 to 9.
‘Software as a service’ means no capital costs for your company and our modular configuration ensures that you only pay for what you use. Our modules are competitively priced and all expenses are tax deductible.
The implementation period is typically one month. This duration provides adequate time for testing and training, while ensuring continuity of the payroll cycle.
No, the only requirement for the client is Internet Explorer. Our team will take care of the rest.