SaaS HRIS Modules Thailand

Simplify and streamline your HR functions using a range of modules of HRIS. In addition to our core module, Cloud Force HR offer SaaS HRIS modules for managing a wide range of HR processes:

saas hris thailand

Easily track employee leave information while effectively enforcing your organization’s leave policy. Leave requests and approvals are made through an online interface, with real-time information available to manager and the human resources department.

Software is linked to finger-scan and electronic time-clocks to electronically monitor daily attendance, absenteeism, tardiness, overtime and attendance-based allowances and deductions.

Using a web-based system to manage claims allows employees to make expense claims from anywhere in the world, while simplifying expense management. Managers are able to approve and monitor claims in real-time.

E-Benefits gives organizations the ability to monitor, manage and report on employee benefits plans in real time. This includes not only medical, but dental, gym, or other plans.

Optimize your organizations appraisal process with an objective and standardized approach. The modules extensive customization options include user-defined appraisal criteria, value per criterion, individual appraisal findings and more. E-Performance can be linked to other modules for effective human resource development.

Manage training budgets for departments while keeping record of all internal and external training provided to employees. Improve annual job reviews and decision-making on promotions by linking E-Training to the performance module.

Collect a comprehensive, online database of external and internal candidates to streamline the recruitment process. Utilize alert and filtering options to quickly identify the best candidates for openings.