Cloud Force HR Internship Programme

Internships at CFHR

If you are looking for the Professional working environment to boost your ideas and to gain
valuable, applied experience and to make connections in professional fields, the CFHR
Internship Programme is the right opportunity for you.

We assign you dynamic and innovative projects that with your skill, passion and insight could
make difference to the organization.

Internship Programme

Internship Programme has been designed to:

Provide experiential learning thereby ensuring that interns gain vital skills and experience
that they will be able to use throughout their professional career.

Offer interns challenging assignments that benefit the regional organization while providing
tangible work experience for the intern.

Balance the intern’s own learning goals with the specific work the organization needs

How it works

CFHR offers on-the- job training opportunities for graduate and post-graduate students
worldwide to enhance their academic experience through practical work assignments
(internship programme).

The standard duration of internship is four months with a minimum duration being
three months and maximum duration being six months.

Areas Covered

  • Data entry Administrative roles
  • Programmer
  • IT Implementation
  • Payroll Admin Officer



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