HR Consulting & Project Management

HR Consulting Your partner in HR and success

The starting point for all our assignments, be they complex organizational restructurings, development of transition management programs or individual senior executive coaching, is to identify and thoroughly understand your needs. Our senior team has hard-earned experience at national, regional and Global HR Director level, working with organizations large and small. We have no preconceived idea about what’s right for you. We listen, reflect and then provide a perspective. An informed perspective that you can act on and gain benefit from.

HR Consulting & Project Management services from CloudForce HR include:

  • Aligning HR – get your HR processes, systems and policies in line with your strategic business goals, ensuring your human resources plan adds value to your organization
  • Assessment Tools & Testing – our variety of proven, practical, valid and reliable methods of assessment against work behavior and skills are benchmarks for use in recruitment, selection and development activities in both Thai and English
  • Talent Management – identify and retain high potential and high-performing talent, engaging management and your staff to secure better business results, without excessive employee turnover
  • Executive Search – we get to know your specific business needs so we can ensure we meet them