HR Information System (HRIS Modules)

HRIS Modules With our Web-based Human Resources Information System (HRIS Modules system), we are able to offer clients the benefits of a tailored HR management information system that is flexible, responsive, robust and user-friendly. In addition, with PeopleServe there is no software to purchase, so there is no asset on the balance sheet and monthly fees – based only on the modules you use – are paid out of revenue as a tax deductible expense. Plus you’ll get a comprehensive suite of reports, available on-screen that facilitates real-time analysis and decision making. In addition, our robust security access system ensures that confidentiality and lines of authority are maintained. Our modules are all Thai/English language compatible.

Our Clients choose the modules they need, and add further modules as required, allowing for greater actual use of the application, and delivering real cost-effectiveness.

 The benefits of the Cloud Force HRIS Modules system include:

  • Cost Effectiveness – release your staff from the complications and administrative burden of payroll and paper-driven HR transactions, allowing them to focus on activities that help build your business
  • Actionable Information – we provide you with up-to-the minute actionable information, so you can apply proper management scrutiny of key HR processes, costs and trends
  • Online Transactions – employees, supervisors and management are capable of requesting, approving and authorizing a wide range of online transactions
  • Client Support – our Development, Implementation and Customer Service teams provide clients with the highest levels of support
  • Security – our data center has the highest security controls, where data encryption and security firewalls secure your information, and we assume responsibility for the management and support of the entire IT infrastructure associated with our application
  • Modules – together with our core module, we offer options for Leave, Recruitment, Payroll, Benefits, Loans, Performance Appraisal, Training & Development, Time & Attendance and Cost Allocation

Modules available

e-Recruitment Module

Because your greatest asset is your people Manage your candidates funnel effectively for faster and more efficient recruitment process. Promote attractive career path within your organization through comprehensive database of both external and internal talents, set alerts and filters to easily identify the best possible matches for new openings. Improve cooperation between HR dept. and hiring managers through work-flow based approach to resource requisition.

e-Time Module

Define shifts and rostering for automated overtime tracking Monitor employees’ daily attendance, tardiness, absenteeism, overtime and attendance-based allowances and deductions. Automatically linked to fingerscan and other electronic time-clocks. Used by management as a proactive tool for departmental scheduling, cost allocation of resources and performance analysis.

e-Leave Module

Easily manage your employees Enforce Leave policy effectively throughout your organization, while keeping up to the minute accuracy on each employee’s leave information. Leaves requests and approvals are made easy through online interface integrated with email system, giving real time information on employees’ leave records to line managers and HR Dept.

e-Training Module

Get everyone on the same page Manage training budgets and requests for all departments. Maintain records of all training provided to employees through internal/external courses (attendance, certifications successes, etc.). Link it to the Performance Management system for complete annual job reviews and actionable information for making promotion decisions.

e-Performance Module

Streamline the appraisal process Objective and standardized approach to the Appraisal process throughout your entire organization. Unlimited number of criteria with their respective “weights” in the appraisal process can be set for each profile within each dept.: user-defined appraisal criteria, value for each criterion, appraisal sessions, individual appraisal findings, overall grading based on values and recommended actions. Linked to Payroll, Training and Personnel modules for effective HRD.

e-Claim Module

Keeping track of your staff has never been simpler Centralized administration of all kinds of benefits available to employees (user-defined benefits & compensation, monetary/non-monetary benefits, compensation ceiling, eligibility criteria, suspension, etc.). Generation of comprehensive reports for each employee’s individual compensation plans, employee-employer ratio for benefits.