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Benefits of Creating an Individual Training and Development Plan

Benefits of Creating an Individual Training and Development Plan

Benefits of creating an individual training and development plan and guidelines for implementing the plan

  • Helps the organization to have knowledgeable employees and ability to work. Those personnel can be considered one of the most important intangible assets, which is intellectual capital that play an important role in generating enormous income and profits for the organization.
  • Helps reduce employee turnover rates. (Valuable) because employees can recognize and realize that the organization places importance on employee development. The organization values its employees, this is the reason why employees are satisfied with working with the organization.
  • Helps in preparing the workforce by systematically training and developing the potential of personnel with a clear direction. Helps organizations to manage their workforce efficiently and can switch personnel flexibly and able to adapt to changes and business competition.
  • Able to control training and development expenses. Because it is clear Focus and predict, plan ahead for your budget and time period for spending.
  • Helps in developing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of operations various business processes from assigning personnel to learn Use the knowledge and skills gained from training and development into the experience sector to provide more ingrained knowledge and skills. By allowing personnel to initiate various improvement and development projects throughout the organization.

Notice :  

A road map for individual training and development is a plan that arises from analyzing and evaluating the advantages or strengths (Strength) and things that need to be improved or weaknesses (Weakness) of current personnel working in various positions in various departments of the organization.

By comparing it to the expected skill level which is the standard for the position which is possible to find some personnel in the organization do not need additional training and development.

The training and development of personnel in this group therefore focuses on development in order to be able to advance in their careers, be prepared and enhance their skills and abilities of job positions that are about to advance to a higher position It is an important force in driving the organization forward when the economy moves out of the crisis and enters the upcoming upward period.

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