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CloudForce HR Discounts for Our Valued Clients

In an effort to avoid raising service fees and reduce administrative costs, CloudForce HR has implemented the following policy, which will be in effect from April 1, 2012:

  • A 3% discount will now apply to all invoices which are settled by BANK TRANSFER on or before the due date listed on the invoice.
  • To make it even easier for our clients to take advantage of these savings, we have increased the number of our banking partners from one to three.
  • Effective April 1st, monthly service fees may be transferred to our accounts at either Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank or HSBC.

Also effective in April, we will emailing a pro-forma invoice to the accounts departments of our client companies ahead of posting the confirmation hard copy to provide ample time for checking of invoice details, therefore enabling clients to take advantage of the discount offered.

A letter detailing these new arrangements will be attached to your next mailed invoice.

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