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CloudForce HR Hosts HR Seminar: Selecting & Developing Winners!

CloudForce HR Hosts HR Seminar: Selecting & Developing Winners!

On Wednesday November 28th, CloudForce HR held a very special event featuring world-renowned experts in the field of Human Resource Management as part of CloudForce HR’s Seminar Series, an on-going effort aimed at delivering regional HR practitioners with information and resources regarding best practices, trends and news from the HR world.

CloudForce HR Hosts HR Seminar: Selecting & Developing Winners!

Dr Ronald Page speaking at “Selecting and Developing Winners – HR for the 21st Century” event

The focus of the event was ‘Selecting and Developing Winners’ using psychometric assessment tools, and included was a seminar conducted by Mr. Thomas L. Payne, Principal at AAI-Asia, and Dr. Ronald C. Page, President of AAI-Worldwide. Together the two have a combined 70 years experience in behavioral assessment tool development research, writing, and consulting, and they’re both recognized as global thought leaders in the HRM field. Seminar attendees included HR executives from some of Thailand’s largest corporations including ToyotaGE, and HR Managers from the MBK group and Saha Thai.

A common mistake that many organizations make is to approach Human Resources intuitively, or based on commonly accepted, but difficult to measure metrics like the candidates experience or education. However, for nearly ten years now, PeopleServe’s clients have benefited from the long-standing partnership between CloudForce HR and AAI because of their scientific approach to hiring and retaining amazing performers.

AAI Associates is an American-based on-line assessment company that designs online psychometric analyses, which PeopleServe uses exclusively because they draw from the most current psychological research and conduct their own proprietary research, rigorously developing the highest quality employee selection and assessment tools.

Getting the biggest bang for your buck:
Finding the best talent for what you’ve got budgeted for the position
How to FIND and RETAIN/SELECT top performers

During the participatory and tailored seminar, HR professionals discussed the challenges facing HRM in Thailand today and were given the opportunity to learn how to improve their selection decisions using a number of specific strategies. This is paramount because it results in:

  • Cost savings to the organizations’ training and recruiting expenses
  • A reduction of employee turnover
  • Increased productivity

Attendees left with tools, strategies, techniques and skills to take a more scientific approach to the employee selection process, which they will apply at their organizations.

Mr. Thomas Payne and Dr. Roanld C.Page provided an overview of the most up-to-date selection processes and provided an invaluable list of assessment tools for talent recruitment and management. They also addressed the latest HRM methodologies. Attendees gained a greater understanding of today’s HR environment, as well as concrete tools to manage and implement processes. The following clip, filmed at the event, highlights Mr. Payne’s outlook on the importance of treating the selection process as a business process:

Find out more about how to Win the War for Talent,
What your organizations can do to compete successfully

For more information about the latest trends in Talent Selection and the newest assessment tool for Talent Management – the Advancement Potential Report, visit our site and read the overview of PeopleServe’s assessments. Combining cognitive ability analysis with behavioral growth potential, the Advancement Potential Report represents an important advancement in the field of predicting high potential individuals.

About the Presenters:

Dr. Ronald C. Page is a world renowned HR expert who has invested over three decades in creating, developing and implementing innovative human resource programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He’s the author of over forty papers, articles, book chapters, and presentations on various human resource topics and was a recipient of the 2004 Research Award from the Minnesota Career Development Association. Previously we published a post featuring a Q&A session with Dr. Page during which he gave some interesting perspectives on the questions facing HR directors in Southeast Asia, based on his vast international and regional experience.

Mr Tom Payne has worked as a senior HR executive for Fortune 500 companies for over thirty years. He’s a member of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP) and has worked as a consultant for such clients the United NationsChevron, and Pepsico. Tom is the author of the book Selecting Winners.

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