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Employment in Thailand – The Quest for the Best

It’s an understatement to say that competition for good employees here is fierce. Data from the Bank of Thailand report unemployment rates consistently under 1%. While some analysts question how comparable these numbers are to those of bigger economies, no one who has done business in Thailand for very long can doubt that, from a job-seeker’s point of view, it’s a seller’s market.

The Struggle to Get Good Employees

Anecdotal evidence confirms this. Managers describe instances of employees collecting their latest paycheck only to report to another employer the next day. It’s safe to say that employers here have a real challenge attracting and maintaining a stable, talented and loyal work force.

Employment in Thailand

Recruitment Division to the Rescue

CloudForce HR’s sister company, CloudForce Recruitment is ready, willing and able to assist clients with their search and recruitment challenges. We use proven sourcing techniques to develop headhunting strategies for finding the best and brightest. We apply targeted marketing strategies to our global database to attract the most qualified candidates. Having done so, CloudForce HR then uses its assessment tools to align your needs with available talent based on four criteria: • Skill sets – we get to know a candidate’s competencies, abilities and business philosophy • Behavioural characteristics – our team will assess areas like cultural sensitivity and the ability to adapt • Professional relationships – our consultants analyse a candidate’s network of colleagues, associates and professional contacts • Past experience and education – performance history helps us match candidates to specialised careers

Navigating Shifting Seas

Unfortunately, even the best-laid plans can hit unforeseen obstacles, and changing circumstances give rise to occasions in which employees’ skill sets become inadequate or redundant. We encourage clients to use the Outplacement and Career Transition Services of CloudForce Recruitment. We guide you around the pitfalls of maintaining your company’s reputation and avoiding legal troubles from wrongful dismissal cases. At the same time, we see staff reductions as an opportunity to earn trust with your remaining staff members, who will appreciate the care you take with dismissed employees, and to maintain positive relationships with terminated staff. Remember, in Thailand’s high-employment environment, it’s best not to burn bridges. Whenever possible, stay on good terms with former staff members for future business dealings.

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