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Executive Coaching: Sometimes it’s about more than just the bottom line…

In last week’s blog post, we set out the monetary case for investing in Executive Coaching.  Research has shown time and time again that coaching offers a remarkable ROI for any organization undertaking the initiative. Investment in management team coaching is certain to improve your company’s bottom line, and we led with this because it’s such a simple case to make: Executive Coaching = money.

Coaching creates confidence in organizational culture

However, in our experience, the really exciting part of Executive Coaching is seeing our clients blossom, become strong and confident individuals and seeing their job satisfaction and happiness increase. Technically brilliant employees emerge as dynamic leaders.  In addition to our executive clients, it’s been our great privilege to also hear from Human Resource Management about the impact that Executive Coaching has had on the overall organizational culture.

“Some of the greatest benefits we see from Executive Coaching are things that we don’t typically measure, but sure do make a difference”

Executives who receive coaching have improved working relationships with both subordinates and their supervisors, which creates an atmosphere of trust, improved communication and innovation.
Teamwork also improves.  In coaching, one of the major areas addressed, in addition to self-development, is developing the capacity to view one’s role in terms of being part of the larger organizational-organism, and then leveraging that to get the most efficiency and productivity from your team.

“We’ve seen disjointed and conflicted work-teams completely transform into the company’s most innovative and cohesive – all thanks to Executive Coaching.

HR Managers know – Happy Employees = High Retention Rates

Happiness and Job Satisfaction? Do they matter?

As the Asian economy continues to boom, defying global trends — and with the AEC just around the corner, we posit that yes, happiness and job satisfaction DO matter. Now more than ever. You know better than anyone that right now in SEA, it’s an employees’ market. Talented labour is in high demand and as we’ve discussed previously, employee retention is imperative.

HR Managers know – Happy Employees = High Retention Rates

Executive Coaching has a ripple effect across the organization as well, so the ‘happiness effect’ is multiplied exponentially. For example, part of the coaching process focuses on setting goals and working to prioritize them — this puts everything into perspectives and breaks it down into manageable chunks. Stress levels are lowered and working relationships with peers improve. Conflict is reduced and harmony restored.

“Another interesting benefit we see from Executive Coaching is that when employees feel that their organization is making an investment in their development, they report having a greater commitment to the organization!”

Next week we bring you an insightful “Horror Story” full of great takeaways you can apply at your organization. In the meantime, as always, Contact us for more information about Executive Coaching and how it can work to improve employee-development HRM initiatives.

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