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Happy New Year from CloudForce HR

CloudForce HR is celebrating, looking forward, and counting our blessings as we kick-off 2013

Celebrating Record Growth

In 2012, CloudForce HR saw record breaking growth – we expanded and adopted new technologies that will make Human Resource Management processes easier and more efficient and best of all, we’ve developed new relationships – partnering with a variety of new companies and industries.

Thank you…

It’s been rewarding to see the prosperity of our long-standing clients, many of whom we’ve been partnered with for the past nine years. Thank you to all of you for trusting CloudForce HR with your business – we’re pleased to be your choice outsourced Human Resource partner, and will continue to work at improving all aspects of our services.

2013: CloudForce HR’s 10th Anniversary

10 Years of CloudForce HR – with exciting developments planned…

In 2013, we’ll celebrate our 10th anniversary. We’ve got a number of exciting developments to announce in the weeks and months ahead. Keep watching our blog to learn about what’s in store.

New Technology and Services

Announcing our new Online Invoicing System, A New Integrated Online platform and Upgrades to HR Pro (our online Human Resource management platform)

Our Integrated online platform now utilizes a cloud based infrastructure, ensuring greater efficiency, security, uptime, and safer disaster recovery process, with servers in two different global locations.We’ve invested in cutting-edge technologies to better serve our clients:

  • To increase efficiency
  • To offer greater convenience
  • To maintain our prices at the lowest levels possible – ensuring value to our clients
  • To focus on care for the environment by being ‘paperless’ wherever possible.

We hope you are off to a great start this New Year and will continue to bring you human resource management insights, recommendations, solutions and strategies throughout the coming year!

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