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Here’s How To Secure Your Payroll Service

Here’s How To Secure Your Payroll Service

If you’re heading a firm or overseeing payroll operations of an organization, you must’ve come across the term ‘payroll fraud’. With up and coming third party companies claiming payroll proficiency, the outsourcing market for payroll has taken quite a hit when it comes to security. That being said, payroll, alone is a process that requires a lot of manpower, accuracy, and efficiency. Sometimes, payroll outsourcing Thailand is the only way out.

But, here comes the most important question. How can you keep your sensitive company data, employee accounts, and more safe and secure while outsourcing your payroll?

We can help. We have rounded up payroll security into 5 pointers for you.

Update Your Payroll Software

Why go for a modern software when the old one is working just fine, right? While you’re trying to save a few bucks, your old software system is failing to fight advanced hacking measures. That is probably why our Thai Payroll company believes in working with state-of-the-art software solutions to make sure your data stays protected- now and always.

Limit Your Payroll Access

Outsourcing payroll typically means handing over sensitive information to third parties and expecting nothing bad happens. But instead of blindly putting all your faith in them, why not restrict sensitive information and only allow limited access- for example to the few personnel who are personally manning your organization. This one power move can increase your data security significantly.

Fish Out Phishing Schemes

We are all aware of those suspicious workplace mails that asks employees for their personal information. One of the major payroll security setbacks reported the unawareness of employees against ‘phishing’ schemes like these. We recommend training or educating employees so that they can report these scrupulous activities the moment it crops up on the screen.

Prioritize Protection of Physical Data

You have been prioritizing online security so much, that you’ve forgotten all about the physical data present on your person. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most companies focus on online security, sidelining physical data theft. To tighten your payroll security, our payroll outsourcing firm recommends taking due measures to make sure your physical data- as in old records, files, CDs, desktops and more are secured properly.

Upgrade Your Disposal System

Securing your present data is not just enough. The trick is to create a 360-degree security and that includes ensuring disposal of your old, existing physical data is being done accurately. Backup your old data on a secured cloud if needed and clean out old storage cabinets and files carefully so that it doesn’t land up on the wrong hands.

Payroll Processing is a meticulous job, no doubt. Carrying out an entire process alone cant be quite difficult. However, with proper security measures in place and a sturdy protection protocol in lieu, you can outsource your payroll and keep it protected at the same time.

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