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Human Resources as a Strategic Function

Human Resources as a Strategic Function

As the global business environment shrinks, as demographics change and as technology bolsters traditional human resources tactics, HR has moved from being an administrative function to a strategic function of an organization. This has happened quickly – within the last 20 years – and savvy HR pros have already positioned themselves for the bold organizational and strategic roles they play in their organizations.

The Tactical-Strategic Shift in Modern HR Practice

In a Wall Street Journal interview with Mark Schmit, an old HR hand at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Foundation, HR pros have “certainly come a long way in being more strategic.” The major shifts have been from tactics to strategy on one hand, and from compliance to business-focus on the other. Whereas tactics were employed toward a specific end in the past, HR departments are an integral piece of the strategic puzzle for an organization. Rather than being tasked with one task, like compliance, HR now provides direct strategic input for a company’s future.

Technology Gives HR Pros a Strategic Edge

HR pros have also found a boon in technology, which allows human resources to automate tactics and free up time to focus on strategy. Automated payroll services have replaced manual payroll systems, for example. Processes become streamlined and automated functions ensure accuracy and efficiency in company financials, simultaneously eliminating worries about data security and confidentiality.

Bringing Modern Blended HR Practices to Asia

At CloudForce HR, we take a holistic approach to Human Resources, and in 10 years of operation, we have come to know how imperative highly functioning HR departments are to the ability of the whole organization to achieve its goals. Using a blend of both technology-based tools, and soft / hard skill development, we help our clients build the internal human infrastructure needed to operate both efficiently and effectively. Call CloudForce HR today to discuss how we can help your organization take the next steps to achieving its goals. Photo Credit: Mukumbura via Compfight cc

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