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Leadership Coaching in Thailand – Meeting the demand for Leadership

CloudForce HR offers a range of services, but if we’re being honest, Leadership Coaching consultancy is one of the areas we most enjoy. There is something very special about the relationship we develop with human resource professionals, executives and managers in helping them maximize organizational growth, and realizing their own and others’ potential.
We find that often just small adjustments about how an organization’s top echelon approaches talent, technology and teams, result in an exceptional impact on a company’s bottom line – especially when it comes to Leadership Coaching.

Southeast Asia’s financial promise is a powerful incentive
for HR managers to discount cross-cultural differences

Leadership Coaching in Thailand – Meeting the demand for LeadershipAs Southeast Asia continues to catapult economically, it’s no surprise foreign companies are taking advantage of the boom, the favourable business conditions, and Asian talent.
Corporate boards like to believe we live in a globalized world of seamless international supply-chains. Despite the fact that anyone who has worked in a foreign country learns within the first few days that there are terrific cultural-differences that need to be recognized.
Southeast Asia is a great example. Here, because of the recent boom, labour hasn’t been able to keep up with demand in terms of leadership skills – at either local or international companies.

Coaching – Meeting a demand for leadership

While there are ample “high-potential” managers; many lack experience to guide their companies through market changes, new competition and steering internal expansion.
Realizing this, Leadership Coaching has taken off – corporations see it as a way of preparing employees for the next step in their career – maybe even the boardroom. We’ve seen leadership coaching change people, both personally and professionally. Different from ordinary training, leadership training helps staff become more successful as leaders.
The process begins with assessment and analysis, looking at one’s strengths and areas of development. Next we work with the individual closely to leverage their strengths in order to create personal and organizational development plans. Working towards these objectives, we typically meet with clients on a regular basis to take a look at progress, and to check whether adjustments are in order.

Human Resource Managers know the need for leadership in
Thailand is sure to increase

With the ASEAN economic zone set to open in 2015, the needs for world-class leadership becomes ever more essential. PeopleServe consultants are meeting regularly, often for one or two sessions per month, with corporate leaders. We’re seeing dramatic increases in efficiency, confidence, and a genuine shift in focus, goals and objectives.
Continue to look to us for information about the ways that you can implement PeopleServe’s Leadership Coaching techniques at your organization, or contact us and we’ll be happy to tell you even more

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