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New digital services to meet the personal income taxpayer’s demands.

On 4th March 2019, Dr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas, Director-General of the Revenue
Department presided over the event “PIT Digital Services–Entering into the New Era with
RD Services”, the grand opening of the digital services for personal income taxpayers.
The Revenue Department has transformed taxpayer services by applying taxpayer-centric
solutions to enhance service levels and adjusting to “the New Era of the Revenue
Department” that truly corresponds to taxpayers’ needs.
Dr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas, Director-General of the Revenue Department, stated
that the Revenue Department has upgraded the personal income tax services to meet
the concept of “the New Era of the Revenue Department”. From March 2019 onwards,
searching for menu items and news about personal income tax on the Revenue Department’s
website will be much easier, more convenient and in line with taxpayers’ expectation.
The website will be a Single Point Gateway, allowing taxpayers to choose their desired
services. To file personal income tax returns, taxpayers can submit tax returns and pay taxes
online via an e-Filing system on the Revenue Department’s website or RD Smart Tax
Application. For Por.Ngor.Dor. 91 filers, the Revenue Department has collaborated with private
software developers to provide “Open API Service”, which is an alternative way to submit
personal income tax returns through online software programs. A pilot service will be started
with Por.Ngor.Dor. 91 through the RD Smart Tax Application on smartphones and tablets.
In case of e-Filing, tax payments can be immediately completed by credit cards,
debit cards, other e-Payment channels and ATM on Internet. Besides, taxpayers who wish to
claim for tax refunds can check details of their tax deductions and tax incentives through
“My Tax Account” system, in which the information is imported from external agencies with
taxpayer consent, and tax refunds can be received through PromptPay, e-Money or e-Wallet
cards. Furthermore, the Revenue Department offers notification services via SMS for payment
due dates of installment taxpayers, tax refund inquiries and tax refund notifications.
The Chatbot called “Nong Aree”, which is an intelligence virtual assistant on the Revenue
Department’s website, is also introduced to answer taxpayer questions in the form of real time
conversations. In case taxpayers would like to speak to the Revenue Department’s officers in
person, they can visit any Area Revenue Branch Offices. To improve taxpayer satisfaction,
moreover, the Revenue Department has launched satisfaction surveys (Citizen Feedback)
in the form of QR Code in order to design services that best suit taxpayers’ needs.
Apart from the grand opening of the PIT Digital Services, on the same day,
the Revenue Department has hosted a discussion forum called “TAX Talks” under the topic
“Is it easy to file a tax return in the new era?”. This was the first time that representatives from
private sectors share their opinions about the digital services of the Revenue Department,
and participants in the panel discussion include Dr. Panachit Kittipanya-Ngam (President of
the Thai Tech Startup Association) Asst. Prof. Dr. Yutthana Srisawat (CEO, iTAX Inc.) and
Dr. Vinit Visessuvanapoom, Director of the Tax Collection Standards Division, the Revenue
Department, with Mr. Monchai Wongkittikraiwan, Business Editor of the Standard News Agency,
as a moderator.
Finally, Dr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas has given closing remarks that this month is the last
month of personal income tax filing season for tax year 2018 (Por.Ngor.Dor.90 and
Por.Ngor.Dor.91). The Revenue Department kindly requests any person whose income
has reached the income threshold in accordance with the law to file their personal income
tax returns within 1st and 9th April 2019 for paper filing and e-Filing, respectively.

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