Why Is Ability Testing On The Rise For Selection? Part 2

Sunday November 17th, 2013

In our previous post we discussed Ability testing and its merits in assessing candidates’ abilities involved in thinking, reasoning, perception, memory and problem solving. This week’s post covers how these metrics are achieved? What Ability Testing Looks At A proper candidate assessment can’t be completed from a glance at previous experience or employment history. There’s much more […]

75% Of The Fortune 500 Use Psychometric Testing for HR and Recruitment ROI

Friday November 15th, 2013

In an age where almost everything is justified and verified using reliable data, even recruitment decisions fall under scrutiny where proof of empirical data is concerned. Psychometric testing offers a sophisticated method with which to acquire dependable information on candidates during the recruitment process. A psychometric test measures candidate’s attributes, such as preferences, work styles […]

How Do 360 Appraisals Help Diagnose Leadership Issues in Management?

Wednesday October 30th, 2013

Let’s face it, nobody likes appraisals. Employees don’t like receiving them and bosses certainly don’t enjoy giving them. In some cases they can feel like a personal attack on your work, and can leave an employee feeling unmotivated, however the purpose of an appraisal is to give an employee constructive criticism in order to boost performance.

Preparing For ASEAN

Wednesday September 25th, 2013

Be it internal or external changes, it’s important for a business to be aware of developments and transformations in the economic arena to ensure it stays on top and ahead of its competitors.“Preparation is the key to success”, may be a cliche, but it’s one we firmly believe in.

Compliance with Thailand’s Labour Laws is Key to Employment

Friday September 20th, 2013

In the Kingdom of Thailand the employment process begins once a job offer has been accepted. A written employment agreement is then drafted based on the terms of employment complying to the Labour Protection Act of Thailand.  This Act stipulates working conditions, such as maximum working hours, holidays, sick leave, minimum wage and severance pay. It […]

Employee Engagement IV – Who Cares?

Tuesday September 17th, 2013

How much does it cost your business to lose and then replace an employee? Be sure you count not just recruitment costs, but also downtime, training and orientation, overtime for other employees, etc. Most managers have never done this analysis, but whatever you believe the total number is, the real cost is probably higher.

Thailand Cuts Taxes on Business, Individuals

Wednesday September 11th, 2013

Note: This law is expected to pass the Thai Parliament in March, 2014. Thailand’s tax structure is similar to that of many other countries in that tax rates are progressive for both business and individuals. In a move to boost the country’s economy by stimulating growth, the Thai Cabinet recently approved reductions in both sets […]

Employment in Thailand – The Quest for the Best

Wednesday August 28th, 2013

It’s an understatement to say that competition for good employees here is fierce. Data from the Bank of Thailand report unemployment rates consistently under 1%. While some analysts question how comparable these numbers are to those of bigger economies, no one who has done business in Thailand for very long can doubt that, from a […]

Employee Engagement III – Nice to Have or Must-Have?

Wednesday August 21st, 2013

If your car engine needed repair, would you hire a mechanic who knew only that the engine needed fuel to produce power, or one who understood the workings of all the engine’s components, what might go wrong, and how to address the causes of failures? Clearly the latter mechanic would be a better choice, even […]

Preparing for and Conducting the Annual Performance Review

Monday July 22nd, 2013

Performance reviews are typically dreaded by both manager and employee. The reason for this is simple: for people who work together on a day-to-day basis, personal feelings become almost inextricable from attitudes about actual performance. Even when a manager is entirely objective, the employee may be left wondering whether his or her conclusions are based […]