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Personal Income TAX Refund (P.N.D. 90 and P.N.D. 91)

The Revenue Department has developed an innovation for taxpayer service to achieve Thailand 4.0 by enabling tax refund service for personal income tax via Promptpay from 2016 tax year onwards. This innovation aims to facilitate taxpayers by reducing the travel cost of depositing tax refund cheques at Banks, reducing waiting time for tax refund cheques sent by the post office, reducing the number of missing cheques, and reducing the cost of printing and delivering cheques, which will result in administrative cost saving for the government.
Mr. Pinsai Suraswadi, Acting Principal Advisor on Strategic Tax Administration (Finance and Banking) as spokesman of the Revenue Department, said, “In 2017 tax year, more than 70 percent of taxpayers tied their bank accounts using the 13 – digit National ID Number in order to receive tax refund via PromptPay (as of 30th June 2018). For 2018 tax year, a taxpayer who files tax return via electronic channels (www.rd.go.th or RD Smart Tax Application) and intends to claim tax refund where his or her tax return is not subject to tax audit before the refund, the Revenue Department will send tax refund information to a relevant bank, if the taxpayer has signed up for PromptPay using the 13 – digit National ID Number, the bank will transfer the refund to taxpayer’s account on the next working day. Therefore, the Revenue Department would like to promote personal income tax filing via electronic channels and PromptPay registration using the 13 – digit National ID Number so that tax refund can be received correctly, conveniently and promptly. To facilitate tax refund for a taxpayer who has not registered for PromptPay using 13 – digit National ID Number, the Revenue Department has provided another refund channel. Through this channel, such taxpayer will be asked to show the tax refund notification letter sent by the Revenue Department together with National ID card as proof to receive tax refund at the relevant bank within the date specified in the letter. The taxpayer using this channel also receives tax refund correctly, conveniently and promptly as well.”
For further queries, please contact officers at any Area Revenue Office nationwide or RD Intelligence Center at Tel. 1161

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