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Personal Tax Rates Delayed in Thailand – Payroll Outsourcing Professionals

Notice – The Bangkok Post reported that the new Thailand personal tax rate structure has been delayed. Jitmanee Suwannapool, the Revenue Department’s principal adviser on tax base management, said taxpayers filing in 2014 must comply with the previous rates if the draft bill fails to take effect this year.

Don’t Waste Your Opportunity Cost on Accounting

Business owners and managers have an awful lot to do, from developing products, product testing, quality control, delivery, marketing, and hiring staff. With so many tasks, can you really expect yourself to keep up with the latest laws in a foreign country?

Don’t forget the opportunity cost of learning labyrinthine tax code. Would you prefer to learn the new tax brackets in Thailand, which have now grown from 5 to 8, and their new tax rates?

In addition, the accounting and payroll headache can be made much worse if you’re slapped with stiff penalties for filing omissions or errors.

Benefits of High-Quality Payroll Outsourcing

Instead, you could be spending your time wisely developing your business. Take the hassle out of payroll – let the professionals handle it.

With CloudForce HR you can expect payroll processing tailored to your unique requirements and strict observance of Thai law so that you never find yourself in the mess described above. Moreover, you can monitor communications with government bodies so that you get what you deserve: peace of mind.

See why clients like Microsoft and BMW choose CloudForce HR for payroll outsourcing in Asia. Contact us today to relieve the stress associated with payroll.

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