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Scope of Human Resource Management Work

Scope of Human Resource Management Work

Scope of human resource management work

  1. Set goals and strategic plans for human resource management.
  2. Selection of employees with abilities and potential according to the position.
  3. Designing a salary structure, benefits, and compensation that can be divided into stages.
  4. Set rules, laws, and various work processes according to position.
  5. Organize communication activities to employees and accept problems from employees.
  6. Promoting safety in the organization and creating a good working environment.
  7. Developing human resources to have ability and bring their potential to working.
  8. Managing the performance of personnel to meet the organization’s goal.

Conceptual differences between HRD, HRM & OD

Human resource management (HRM) : is a department that supports all work related to personnel within the organization to be able to perform their duties appropriately with the positions, duties and goals of the organization, from recruitment, preparation, evaluation and development. To achieve maximum benefit to the organization

Human Resource Development (HRD) : is a sub-unit of HRM that studies, selects methods and uses various tools to develop employees and apply them to work and life. Which will lead to effective personnel within the organization

Organizational Development (OD): creating tools to improve the performance of personnel to be efficient and effective. By focusing on the efficiency of the organization rather than the personnel alone, it also creates a process for working as a team and defining a team structure that is appropriate for the organization.

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