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HRIS - How Technology Takes the Burden Out of HR Management

HRIS – How Technology Takes the Burden Out of HR Management

Technology is a boon to HR management when leveraged effectively. Human resources information systems (HRIS) or HR management systems, (HRMS) are powerful tools that have the potential to turn an HR manager from just another employee to a money-saving business partner.

What is an HRIS?

HRIS - How Technology Takes the Burden Out of HR Management

An HRIS is a system used to gather, store, and analyze HR information. HRIS technology can help HR automate and simplify tasks. A good HRIS will reduce the operational costs of the HR department. It also shifts some tasks that have traditionally been associated with an HR manager onto the employee, allowing HR professionals to focus on strategy. Any decent HRIS has the basic functions HR management has come to expect. These might include employee administration, recruitment, time and attendance, training and development, and organizational management.

Finding the Right HRIS for You

A recent study by the Hackett Group, a business process advisory firm, found that high-performing organizations spend 25 percent less than their peers on HR because they use technology effectively. “Effectively” is the key word here. Not every HRIS solution is effective; implementing any old data solution will not suffice. CloudForce HR’s HRIS goes beyond the essential functions of a great HRIS. Our HRIS provides real-time actionable information, allows for online transactions with varying levels of control for employees, supervisors and management, client support and data encryption and security firewalls. From there, the HRIS can be customized to suit any business or HR management team. Other HRIS can be cumbersome and loaded with unnecessary features. CloudForce HR’s HRIS is modular, so you can cherry pick only the features your HR team needs. Modules include options for leave, recruitment, payroll, benefits, loans, performance appraisal, training & development, time and attendance and cost allocation.

Take Your HRIS a Step Further with SaaS

Access your HR applications online with HR Software-as-a-Service. According to a Panorama Consulting survey, SaaS implementations are 37% faster than installed software implementations. Not only is SaaS faster, but CloudForce HR assumes responsibility for the management and support of the entire IT infrastructure associated with our application. Contact us today to see how our HRIS and SaaS implementation can save your HR team time and money.

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