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What are “Work Styles”?

At CloudForce HR, not only do we provide Human Resource Management services like payroll outsourcing, we also work with organizations, management, and employees, to assess work styles. One of the major implementations for these assessments is helping to ensure candidates are well matched for the job they’re hired to preform. This week’s post, is dedicated to taking a brief look at work styles and why they’re important.

What are Work Styles?

We’d love to provide you with an overview of the latest, most cutting edge Work Style Behaviour Assessment tools.

Work Styles are a fun topic and one we are always getting inquiries aboutAs the term suggests, Work Styles are employee characteristics relating to effectiveness in performing various types of work. They’re also defined as the employee’s preferred style of behaving, and as such relate closely to personality and motivation. In popular culture, we hear people use the term “Soft Skills.”

There are a number of things to look for in choosing what might be the best work style to match the job requirements.

The first step is to look at them as they relate to the Competencies defined by an organization’s Competency Model.

When we do this, it’s easy to see no one style is “better” than another — possessing a particular work style may be a strength or a weakness depending on the requirements of a specific job. A particular work style may contribute to high job performance and be a strength for one job, but prove a detriment for another.

As always, we’re happy to discuss this topic in greater depth. Contact us and we’ll be happy to consult and point you in the right direction and help you determine the best work style assessment tools, and how they fit with the traits necessary for performance success.

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