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Why Is Ability Testing On The Rise For Selection? Part 1

The team / workforce is a critical factor in the success for any business or company. The ability to work well together and be able to execute shared responsibilities, not only ensure the efficient and effective completion of tasks, but also serve to make the working environment a welcoming place, thus contributing to employee satisfaction and well being.

HR’s challenge

HR’s challenge is being able to assess correctly which candidates might make a good fit for a position.

Although it may seem like a straightforward operation, in reality the decision weighs on a wide variety of criteria and assessment mechanisms that relate not only to the candidates skill set and experience in relation to the expected tasks he or she will have to carry out, but also to their personality and how well it will mesh with those of the employees they’ll be working with.

Why Invest in Ability Testing and Assessment?

Ability testing assesses candidates abilities involved in thinking, reasoning, perception, memory and problem solving. People who score well on cognitive ability tests are more likely to:

  • Develop a greater knowledge of the job more quickly
  • Make effective decisions
  • Successfully reason and solve problems
  • Respond appropriately to new or complex systems

These types of tests can very quickly estimate which applicants are more likely to succeed within an organisation compared to those who don’t have the right credentials. This enables HR departments to quickly sift between those who are shortlisted and those who are eliminated, and make a more effective hiring decision. Candidates who have been hired as a result of cognitive ability testing can lead to a significant increase in efficiency and a decrease in involuntary employee turnover.

Stay tuned for Part 2

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