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Why Is Ability Testing On The Rise For Selection? Part 2

In our previous post we discussed Ability testing and its merits in assessing candidates’ abilities involved in thinking, reasoning, perception, memory and problem solving. This week’s post covers how these metrics are achieved?

What Ability Testing Looks At

A proper candidate assessment can’t be completed from a glance at previous experience or employment history. There’s much more that needs to be examined before a decision to employ is made.

A recent theory stresses the importance of considering two types of abilities when looking at cognitive tests:

  1. Fluid Ability – can be interpreted as ‘common sense’ or innate reasoning. Being able to adapt to new situations, develop and progress skills and find solutions.
  2. Crystallised Ability – experience and education.

These cognitive abilities are extremely important to assess when recruiting. Testing mental ability, reasoning and background knowledge are a great way to estimate an applicant’s ability and potential to fulfill their tasks. However other important elements are necessary to find the perfect employee, such as personality tests and interviews, suggesting the necessity of combining all these assessment criteria.


It is clear Ability Testing is on the rise, its pros by far outshine the few cons, and the value of effectively being able to measure “employability” is just too important for organizations to pass up the opportunity. Ability Testing’s efficient and accurate projections allow finding the best person for a given job. When you’re looming for the best person to place in your business we’d strongly advise considering ability testing as part of your recruitment process.

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