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Your Onboarding Strategy Means Better Job Performance and Organizational Commitment

It’s not just the new hire that has to make a good impression. You must also make a good impression on them. An employee’s first 6 months on the job are a big hurdle – retention rates are unfortunately low and the cost of a new hire can cost 150% of their salary. You need an onboarding strategy that will turn your employees into long-term, productive contributors. Research has demonstrated that good onboarding techniques lead to positive outcomes for new employees such as higher job satisfaction, better job performance, greater organizational commitment, and reduction in stress and intent to quit.

Onboarding Strategy – The Basics

Forbes has some good onboarding strategies we’d like to share. First, remember the basics. That includes the simple stuff like a uniform, computer equipment, and email account setup. Second, make a good impression. That’s where you must press upon your new employee the fact that you’re a team; their career will go places when the company goes places. This is a socialization tactic that is a big stress-reducer for an employee who finds him- or herself in an unfamiliar environment with no friends.

Third, tap your top performers. They can be inspiring to new employees and meeting your top performers gives new employees a model to work toward. And finally, don’t overdo it. Don’t subject new hires to too much training or painful ice-breaking activities. After all, if you’ve hired right, then they’ll want to begin working and contributing right away!

Finely-Tuned Onboarding for Organizational Success

CloudForce HR is ready to tackle your hiring process with a battery of tools to make sure that your new employee is productive and well-adjusted. Research has shown evidence that employees with certain personality traits and experiences adjust to an organization more quickly, and PeopleServe’s personality assessment and psychometric tests will help you determine who in your candidate pool is ideal. Team-building activities are the next step, and CloudForce HR is ready to help your company take employee performance to the next level.

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