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e – Benefits: Medical

e-Benefits : Medical

With our Web-based Human Resources Information System, we are able to offer clients the benefits of a tailored HR management information system that is flexible, responsive, robust and user-friendly. In addition, with CloudForce HR there is no software to purchase, so there is no asset on the balance sheet and monthly fees – based only on the modules you use – are paid out of revenue as a tax deductible expense. Plus you’ll get a comprehensive suite of reports, available on-screen that facilitates real-time analysis and decision making. In addition, our robust security access system ensures that confidentiality and lines of authority are maintained. Our modules are all Thai/English language compatible.

Our Clients choose the modules they need, and add further modules as required, allowing for greater actual use of the application, and delivering real cost-effectiveness.

e-Benefits is a powerful online tool used for the management of employee benefit plans.

e-benefits allows organizations the ability to monitor, manage and report all levels of employee benefits plans in real time. Whether it be employee medical, dental, gym or any number of plans.