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e – Claim: Reimbursement

e-Claim : Reimbursement

With our Web-based Human Resources Information and e Claim System, we are able to offer clients the benefits of a tailored HR management information system that is flexible, responsive, robust and user-friendly. In addition, with Cloud Force HR there is no software to purchase, so there is no asset on the balance sheet and monthly fees – based only on the modules you use – are paid out of revenue as a tax deductible expense. Plus you’ll get a comprehensive suite of reports, available on-screen that facilitates real-time analysis and decision making. In addition, our robust security access system ensures that confidentiality and lines of authority are maintained. Our modules are all Thai/English language compatible.

Our Clients choose the modules they need, and add further modules as required, allowing for greater actual use of the application, and delivering real cost-effectiveness.

Managing Claims has never been easier

Utilizing CloudForce HR’s online e-claims module allows employees to make realtime expense claims from anywhere in the world, whilst giving management the ability to respond, manage and monitor all expense claims and reimbursements.