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HR Administration Service

HR Administration Service

At CloudForce HR, we specialize in the necessary, but often time consuming and complex administrative tasks that tie up the internal resources of an organization. By Outsourcing these important duties to CloudForce HR, you can ensure that your administrative functions are being handled by seasoned HR professionals in a timely and cost effective manner.

Short Term Employee Contracting

Contract an in-house HR professional to conduct a full range of HR tasks within your own organization. Our contract staff are fully qualified, and come with a wealth of HR experience. Contract hours are flexible, and staff are available throughout the Bangkok area.

Department of Labor Protection and Welfare Document Compliance

Company Work Rules and Policies Handbook
Employee Handbooks
Individual Employment Contracts
Document creation and Submission to Government Departments

Employee Registrations

Registration of employees to the Social Security Office
Registration of employees to company Provident Funds
SSO Hospital registrations
Set up and handling of Medical Insurance and Claims

Visa (Immigration Non-B) and Work Permit Applications

Processing of new / renewed work permits at the Labor Dept.
Processing and applications for long term extensions at Immigration
(VISA:   Immigration Non-B)

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