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HR Consulting Service in Thailand

At CloudForce HR, we recognize that organizations are unique and ever changing, and very often facing challenges that require bespoke and individualized considerations. Our executive team of consultants will help identify issues, and create specific programs and tools to meet a wide variety of complex objectives. Combined with a range of proven, practical, and reliable “off the shelf” programs, we provide our clients with tools to advocate and facilitate development and change in the following areas.

  • Employee Relations
  • Training and Development programs
  • 360 Appraisals
  • Leadership Development Courses
  • Talent Management
  • Team Building
  • Remuneration Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment Consulting
  • Workforce Assessments

We have handpicked the best in local and foreign talent from a broad range of industry backgrounds, with hard earned experience at national, regional and Global HR Director level. CloudForce HR have also partnered with leaders from the Thailand HR Academy, the Thailand Leadership Academy and the International Coaching Federation to bring our clients the most sophisticated methodologies, philosophies, practices and tools. Contact CloudForce HR today for an obligation free consultation.

Our HR Consulting Process:

From Introduction to Implementation, our HR Consulting service in BKK, Thailand, acts like an umbrella supporting multiple HR services alongside each other. Here are some core features our Consulting software focuses on to make sure your HR process is efficient and error free-

Automating employee onboarding and offboarding  
Managing workflow with auto tracking to help organizations fuel workplace productivity.

Ensuring secured and confidential storage and monitoring of employee data.

Helping both administration and management to keep a track of their employees and their workflow

Monitoring and reporting employee performance like growth rate, promotions, shortcomings etc.

Handling employee feedback, grievances while tracking development and compliance
Ensuring third-party application integration works smoothly  
Ensuring all changes in compliance, rules, and legislations are duly followed by the organization.

Generating customized reports based on statistics, strategies, insights, and more.

Benefits of HR Consulting Service:

Let us show you how our HR Consulting Service can help your business process-

  1. With an HR Software in place, you can Reduce Errors significantly and Streamline Business Process with reduced TATs.
  2. You can modify and monitor employee data and make your process more strategically sound with our Automated HR Consulting Software.
  3. Our HR Consulting service in Bangkok is Compliant Ready which means it will update itself as per the new compliance, rules and legislations without any manual interruption.
  4. With HR Consulting services you can reap the benefits of our Accurate Analytics to strategically plan your process.

Our modern software is built to ensure successions, transitions, and integrations are smoothly executed.

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