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At CloudForce HR, a leading Payroll Company in Bangkok, Thailand, we utilize the latest in technology and methodologies to combine accuracy and speed of payroll processing. Our systemized approach to data handling and quality control ensures your payroll is completed on time, and accurately, week after week, month after month, year after year.

Utilizing CloudForce HR’s Payroll service ensures all aspects of your payroll processes are handled securely, reliably, and cost effectively. Outsourcing the tedious and time consuming administrative tasks to agencies for Payroll in BKK allows you organization the ability to refocus its energy and resources on core business strategies, and mission critical goals.

Payroll Outsourcing Process

Our Payroll Service Process:

Stay up to date, with a set of “to the minute” online industry standard monthly and yearly reports. In fact, our all-inclusive payroll agency also offers the added flexibility of custom designed reports. You can choose what information is critical to you, and we will design a suit of individualized reports to provide the information you need, when you need it.

Managing and monitoring everyday payslip disbursements, reimbursement slips, text slips and more.Managing and controlling your organization’s multi-strata pay structuresUpdating mass salary revisions into our comprehensive payroll systemIntegrating bank acceptable formats
Managing and monitoring proof of investmentMonitoring and calculating correct deductions from the hr payroll databaseManaging flexible benefit plans with your reliable payroll partnersHandling income tax filing and returns
Creating customized reports with digital signaturesManage petty cash, travel allowances, and other miscellaneous allowancesMonitoring and addressing queries from employers and employers and employeesManaging dynamic earning and deduction component creation
Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing Service

Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing:

Top 5 reasons why you should shake hands with our payroll specialist in Thailand–

  1. Our automated cutting-edge payroll outsourcing software slashes down time making this a perfect Time Efficient Payroll Solution for modern companies.
  2. With our Payroll provider by your side, you can say goodbye to paper people payroll system errors with automation that guarantees process efficiency with Minimized Errors.
  3. Manual issue / error rectification takes up hours and even days to fix. On the other hand, outsourcing processes to our company for Payroll Thailand can Reduce Response Time and ensure your Error Resolvancy at the quickest.
  4. Outsourcing to our agency for Payroll Bangkok can also help your organization Minimize Payroll Expenses significantly since you don’t have to dedicate resources, time, and manpower for this tasking process.
  5. Our payroll software for outsourcing is Compliant Ready which means you don’t have to manually feed or track changes and modifications to the system.

FAQs About Payroll Services / Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing Simplified with CloudForce HR

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Top Benefits of Cloud-based Payroll Management Software


Automated Helpdesk Through Chatbots

At our agency for Payroll BKK, we believe in transparent communication, as and when you need it. Through our automated helpdesk you can use our ai-enhanced chatbot to get all the assistance you need, instantly.


Data Analytics

Our efficient payroll systems efficiently track, monitor, and store data from past payroll solutions so that you can make the best of your existing data to determine future payroll process strategies.


Role Based Dashboards

We understand how difficult running a multi-strata organization is and have thus introduced role-based dashboards for respective work module. Engage in what’s necessary for you and leave out all the other jargon.


Pre-Built Integrations

Incorporating a new payroll system into your already existing system can be hard, but not for us! Our payroll software can effortlessly integrate itself to your existing payroll system without incurring any setback whatsoever.


Frictionless Employee Self Service

Why indulge in manual work when our state-of-the-art software system can help your employees at every step. Our seamless employee self service allows your staff the sense of independence and you, the accuracy and efficiency you need to collate your employee data.


Payroll Automation

Automation is the future of payroll. Can you imagine, everything you need just a click away! An automated payroll process can update, upgrade, and function on its own without you having to check in manually. Choosing smart work over hard work can save your core process significant time, energy, and effort!


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