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Employee Engagement – Tools and Tricks to Keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is critical to keeping an organization functioning and efficient. This is the first in a series of blog posts on keeping your employees engaged. Consider it your HR resource for free tools and tricks to keep your employees engaged!

Engage Employees to Think and Express Themselves

We’ve all felt like automatons at some point. We get up, go to work, have lunch, work some more, go home to sleep and repeat. Repetitive tasks, while necessary, can have negative effects on employees. Break the cycle by encouraging employees to think. Perhaps they’ll find an efficient workaround to their daily repetitions!

Take that employee engagement a step further by encouraging them to express their ideas in a group setting. Collaborative tools will help with this goal, but nothing beats a group brain-storming session that facilitates an exchange of ideas. This will get employees’ creative juices flowing. It has another unseen benefit – it builds team community.

Engaged Employees Play Well Together

Everyone is on the team. As an HR professional, you can easily identify which employees work well together. That creates a strong temptation to put them together at all times. On the contrary, avoid putting together only the people whom you know to work well together. Everyone in the office must be able to work together, not just with a select few.

Increased Employee Engagement in Southeast Asia

According to AON Hewitt Consulting, engagement levels are stabilizing globally but shifting across regions, with the largest upward movement in the Asia Pacific region. The best part? AOS Hewitt determined that this upward movement has largely been driven by HR. Human resources showed up as a key engagement driver among the 2,000+ companies surveyed.

So give yourself a pat on the back and stay tuned for more HR management tips and tricks every month from CloudForce HR!

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