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CloudForce HR 是一家领先的泰国人力资源公司,致力于为中国企业在泰国的业务成长和发展提供专业服务和支持。公司总部位于泰国曼谷,为各国企业在泰国发展提供全面的人力资源和工资外包服务。合作过的客户包括微软、宝马、百力马等世界知名企业,因成熟高效的服务在业界享有盛誉。

CloudForce HR拥有专业的团队,我们了解中国企业来泰国发展时必定会遇到的困难,包括独特的文化和不同的法律要求,团队将提供最专业的帮助,以确保企业发展与当地需求无缝结合,以达到最大化的成功。我们的服务范围覆盖全泰国和整个亚太地区,而我们的多语言团队将确保我们可以为不同国籍的客户提供服务。



其次,我们提供先进的人力资源信息系统 (HRIS) SaaS 服务。我们的系统能够帮助企业管理员工档案、考勤、培训、绩效等。这样能够有效提高企业的工作效率和管理水平。





总之,CloudForce HR 是中国企业在泰国发展的最佳合作伙伴。我们提供全面的人力资源和工资外包服务,帮助中国企业在泰国迎接各种挑战,并提供专业的解决方案。我们拥有专业的团队和先进的技术,能够帮助企业更好、更快地发展。我们相信,我们的服务能够帮助中国企业在泰国实现增长目标。

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CloudForce HR is a leading Thai HR company dedicated to providing professional services and support for Chinese companies’ business growth and development in Thailand. Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand, the company provides comprehensive human resources and salary outsourcing services for companies from all over the world to develop in Thailand. The customers we have cooperated with include Microsoft, BMW, Palima and other world-renowned companies, and we enjoy a high reputation in the industry for our mature and efficient services.

CloudForce HR has a professional team. We have a deep understanding of the difficulties that Chinese companies will encounter when they want to develop in Thailand, including the unique culture and different legal requirements. The team will provide the most professional help to ensure that the business development is seamless with local needs Combine for maximum success. Our service coverage covers all of Thailand and the entire Asia Pacific region, and our multilingual team will ensure that we can serve different clients.

As a one-stop human resources and payroll outsourcing service provider, we provide comprehensive support for Chinese companies and provide professional solutions for various challenges you face in Thailand, helping your business in Thailand better and faster to develop.

First, we provide payroll and HR management outsourcing services. We can help enterprises deal with various complex salary and human resource management issues, including salary payment, social security management, benefit management, etc. Our professional team can ensure the accuracy and security of data, saving enterprises a lot of time and effort.

Second, we provide advanced Human Resource Information System (HRIS) SaaS services. Our system can help enterprises manage employee files, attendance, training, performance, etc. This can effectively improve the work efficiency and management level of the enterprise.

In addition, we also provide professional human resources consulting services. Our expert team can help enterprises solve various human resource management problems and improve the human resource management level of enterprises.

We also offer personality assessment and aptitude testing services. This service can help companies understand the personality characteristics and ability levels of employees, and better train and manage talents.

Advanced recruiting and recruiting services are also one of our focuses. We can provide professional talent recruitment services for enterprises and help them recruit suitable talents.

Finally, we also provide insurance services. We can help companies provide insurance protection for employees to ensure their health and safety.

In short, CloudForce HR is the best partner for Chinese enterprises to develop in Thailand. We provide comprehensive human resources and payroll outsourcing services, deeply understand the challenges faced by Chinese companies in Thailand, and provide professional solutions. We have a professional team and advanced technology, which can help enterprises develop better and faster. We believe that our services can help Chinese companies achieve their growth goals in Thailand.

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Tel: +66 02 105 4174
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